Pinellas Park

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Restaurant Name Location Violations
The Good Plate6657 49 ST N0
Thomas Messer6657 49 ST N0
Tiki Bay Island Llc6657 49 ST N0
The Traveling Cheeseboard Llc6657 49 ST N0
Trinihouse Catering Llc6657 49 ST N0
The Fish Bol4699 PARK BLVD N0
The Bearded Barbecue Llc6657 49 ST N0
The Chilln Dolphin Soft Serve6657 49TH ST N0
Taylee Tellechea6657 49 ST N0
Tampa Bay Commercial Kitchen6511 43 ST N STE 18120
Tasty Creations Catering6657 49 ST N0
Taste Of Chicago6226 PARK BLVD0
The Angry Italian6657 49 ST N1
The Dogfather6657 49TH ST N1
The Pineapple Shack Island Creamery6891 102ND AVE2
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