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Restaurant Name Location Violations
I-drive Grand Resort & Suites7050 S KIRKMAN RD1
Ikea Furniture Store Bistro Swede Shop4092 EASTGATE DR2
Istanbul Lounge8395 INTERNATIONAL DR2
Inka House 29800 INTERNATIONAL DR2
International House Of Pancakes 36-1565203 S KIRKMAN RD2
Ioa Cart Kitchen #31000 UNIVERSAL STUDIOS PLZ2
Ioa Cart Kitchen #21000 UNIVERSAL STUDIOS PLAZA2
Itar Bistro & Market7065 WESTPOINT BLVD STE 1002
Ice Cream Social Club Llc5216 SAILWIND CIRLCE2
Indio's Bistro Vin 36586636 ROSE QUEEN CT2
Ipdc Multi Service1206 W ROBINSON ST2
Ice & Bites Cafe3402 TECHNOLOGICAL AVE #2203
Inka House 19800 INTERNATIONAL DR3
Ioasis Employee Grill1000 UNIVERSAL STUDIOS PL3
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