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Restaurant Name Location Violations
Cucumber Inc3601 VINELAND RD STE 10
Crab Fiesta3601 VINELAND AVE STE 10
China-3 Biryani House11981 S APOPKA VINELAND RD0
Coin Laundry Cafe Jjv5304 CURRY FORD0
City Cab Bldg M1 - Taxi Call Center Breakroom324 W GORE ST0
City Cab Bldg M1 - Taxi Call Center Breakroom Ice Cream324 W GORE ST0
Cheesecake By Design3113 WILLIE MAYS PARKWAY UNIT H0
Cedars On The Run Llc3113 WILLIE MAYS PARKWAY0
Centerplate Usta National Campus-cafe10000 USTA NATIONAL CAMPUS0
Chicken Over Rice Guys1322 25 ST0
Chef Caribbean Bakery & Rest Inc900 LANCASTER RD0
Curbside Munchies3113 WILLIE MAYS PWKY UNIT H0
Chibi's6437 S CHICKASAW TRL0
Chilango's Tacos2640 KUNZE AVE0
Cruisin Cuisine Vin 13522640 KUNZE AVE0
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