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Restaurant Name Location Violations
Amways Players Lounge400 WEST CHURCH0
Amway Magic Grill400 WEST CHURCH ST4
Amway Icon400 WEST CHURCH1
Amway Fields Ultimate Lounge400 WEST CHURCH0
Amway Center-coors Light Mountain Bar & Silver Spoon Grill (terr400 WEST CHURCH0
Amway Center- Pinstripes (terrace)400 WEST CHURCH0
Amway Center Warehouse - 1st Floor400 WEST CHURCH0
Amway Center Sear & Sizzle Club Level400 WEST CHURCH3
Amway Center Press Dining (event)400 WEST CHURCH3
Amway Center Premium Suite (founders)400 WEST CHURCH2
Amway Center Premium Pantry B400 WEST CHURCH0
Amway Center Pantry/wine Bar (club) Concession #12400 WEST CHURCH0
Amway Center Main Kitchen/ Club Rest/ Tower Bar/ Sky Bar (club)400 WEST CHURCH5
Amway Center Inseat Pantry (event)400 WEST CHURCH1
Amway Center - The Carvery (club)400 WEST CHURCH0