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Restaurant Name Location Violations
New York New York Pizza Bar And Grill1512 E 7 AVE2
New York New York Pizza Hyde Park533 S HOWARD AVENUE15
New York New York Pizza Westchase11203 SHELDON ROAD15
New York Style Restaurant5008 E SLIGH AVE7
Nexlevel23 Jerk House14573 SEAFORD CIR APT 2011
Nhu Y Coffee422 W WATERS AVE3
Nicholas Robinson3224 W TAMPA BAY BLVD0
Nick's Gyros & Subs3501 E HILLSBOROUGH AVE8
Nicki's Omelette & Grill6805 W HILLSBOROUGH AVE4
Nickos Fine Food4603 N FLORIDA AVE11
Nico's Arepas Grill8303 N ARMENIA AVE4
Nico's Arepas Grill Restaurant8303 N ARMENIA AVE STE B11
Nicolette's7605 N 56TH ST5
Nile Cafe10071 E ADAMO DR8
Nilsa's Puerto Rican Bistro428 W WATERS AVE3
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