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Restaurant Name Location Violations
Our Greek Corner1850 EMERSON ST0
Oceanway Bar And Grille12905 N MAIN ST0
Omg Cafe Fl12192 BEACH BLVD STE 20
Olympia Cafe2550 MAYPORT RD #50
Oh Yeah Bar-b-que803 EDGEWOOD AVE S0
Oizeo1855-3 CASSAT AVE0
Ohio Sustainable Foods1850 EMERSON ST0
Olivia's Hotdog Cart10769 BEACH BLVD SUITE 90
Olga's Deli10916 ATLANTIC BLVD # 240
Orbit Hospitality Llc1153 AIRPORT RD0
Ocean Manor Resort4545 OCEAN ST0
Oizeo54251 LENOX AVE #71
Osake Buffet9041 SOUTHSIDE BLVD UNITS 138C-D1
Oizeo Inc4251 LENOX AVE #71
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