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Restaurant Name Location Violations
I Love Ny Pizza8116 OLD KING RD # 1 & 20
I'm Delicious8861 SCOTTSWOODS DR E2
Ibex Ethiopian Kitchen5111 BAYMEADOWS RD #26
Ice Crab House6011 103 ST STE 40
Ice Crab House Llc6011 103 ST #41
Ice Cup7841 LEM TURNER RD10
Ice Lounge Bar & Grille5522 SOUTEL DR2
Iggy's Seafood Shack On Wheels5960 RICHARD ST1
Ii Desco2665 PARK ST10
Iii Forks Steakhouse #4249822 TAPESTRY PARK CIRCLE STE 1110
Ikea Bistro & Swedish Foods Market7801 GATE PARKWAY0
Iland Grill10777 103 ST0
Ilf Enterprises2356 WEST BEAVER STREET1
In The Dog House948 CESERY BLVD0
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