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Restaurant Name Location Violations
Huffman Catering Llc1850 EMERSON ST0
Hang 10 Grill & Smokehouse1748 OGILVIE PARK LANE0
Hot Pot11380 BEACH BLVD STE 120
Happy Grilled Cheese Florida Llc219 N HOGAN ST0
Hoptinger 5 Points1037 PARK ST0
Hook 'em Up Seafood And More1660 JORDAN STREET0
Hawkers Neptune Beach241 ATLANTIC BOULEVARD0
Hum Hum Pita Wraps10916 ATLANTIC BLVD STE 10
Hampton Inn & Suites13950 VILLAGE LAKE CIR0
Hampton Inn & Suites Deerwood Park4415 SOUTHSIDE BLVD0
Haley Sushi & Grill10920 BAYMEADOWS RD STE 300
Hot Diggity Dawgs And More719 E UNION ST0
Harvest Cafe Of Jacksonville11526 LAKE MEAD AVE #1010
Holy Smoke Bbq1712 OGILVIE PARK LN0
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