Miami Beach

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Restaurant Name Location Violations
Les Moulins La Fayette211 LINCOLN RD14
Leslie Hotel Restaurant1244 OCEAN DR0
Lilikoi Organic Living500 S POINTE DR #1808
Lime Fresh Mexican Grill1439 ALTON RD1
Lime Tree Lounge1131 COLLINS AVE0
Little Brazil6984 COLLINS AVE14
Little Caesars6792 COLLINS AVE1
Lo De Carlitos El Sabor Original6987 COLLINS AVE1
Lobby Bar & Coffee Shop2377 COLLINS AVE6
Lobster Bar Sea Grille404 WASHINGTON AVE3
Lobster Shack40 S POINTE DR17
Locura Marina Inc7118 COLLINS AVE4
Loews Miami Beach Hotel1601 COLLINS AVE5
Lokum Mediterranean Bar And Grill1629 ALTON ROAD0
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