Oakland Park

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Restaurant Name Location Violations
Bahama Breeze 30623339 N FEDERAL HWY4
Big Dog Station3148 NE 12 AVE8
Blue Willy's Barbecue1190 E COMMERCIAL BLVD0
Bobby's Event Concessions35 NE 44 ST1
Bobbys Hot Dogs35 NE 44 ST0
Boulevard Subs1100 E OAKLAND PARK BLVD4
Buck And Marys Owl Nest Club Inc3301 NE 3RD AVENUE3
Bulegreen Cafe Yard3299 N DIXIE HWY9
Burger King #55362201 W OAKLAND PARK BLVD5
Burrito Station3701 N ANDREWS AVE5
Burrito's Station3701 N ANDREWS AVE5
By The Traxx Llc1595 W OAKLAND PARK BLVD0